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Narrowing Down Your Selection in Jerusalem

At this stage you are in the middle of your search for your ideal home in Jerusalem and are now narrowing it down to realistic candidates

We hope the tips below help make the final decision and simplify the process:

Feel comfortable with your location – You must feel super comfortable in your new home. Walk around the neighborhood at different hours of the day. Find out if you feel safe moving around at night. Look to see if conveniences, taxis and busses are close by.

Daytime and nighttime living - It’s always wise to check out an apartment both during the day and night so that you can get a clearer picture of living there In general, Jerusalem has lots of sunlight and is fairly safe at most hours of the day or night, but it is always a good idea to check it out for yourself.

Verify the number of rooms - Be wary whenever you hear about the 3.5 rooms. Verify the definition of the half room and find out if it makes a difference in expanding or renovating the property.

Consider the floor and elevator access – Apartments on higher floors may be discounted, but can also be challenging for young families and seniors. You should consider whether the floor is an issue and whether elevator can be added to the building.

Solar water heater – The presence of a solar water heater – known in Hebrew as a “Dude Shemesh” -can really save money over alternate heating methods. This should be considered during the purchase as a way of reducing electricity bills going forwards.

Balcony (mirpeset) – See if there is balcony and whether it is opened or closed. Find out if its possible to incorporate it into the apartment or gain direct access to a garden.

Parking – A car is not necessary for most parts of Jerusalem, if you have a car, however, parking can be an issue. Make sure you clarify the parking situation in the neighborhood which can range from free parking everywhere, to requiring residency and a sticker in order to legally park in the neighborhood.

These are just some of the many questions which you need to ask before renting or buying a home in Jerusalem. Feel free to add to this list and let us know what we might have left out.

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