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Jackie sold our home for us. I don't say "helped us sell", because she did more than help - she took care of everything, from start to finish. We had no time or mental availability to deal with it, and if it hadn't been for her, there's no way we would have been able to sell our home! She was considerate, reliable, honest and caring. Thank you Jackie!

Bracha & Paul, Old Talpiot

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We enlisted Jackie’s market knowledge and expertise to both sell our current home and find us a new one. When we put our property on the market we were overwhelmed with the many legal hurdles involved in real estate transactions.  For the property we were selling Jackie gave us the guidance we needed and the property had a buyer in a few weeks. When we were searching for our new home, Jackie not only helped us with the research and understanding of the market in the neighborhood we were interested in, she also had a clear understanding of what we needed. The first property she showed us ended up being the one we purchased however in between as we were trying to figure out what would be our best purchase she had the patience to show us over a dozen more homes.  In the end, we came back to the original property and realized it was the right one for us!

Lisa & Moshe M, Kiryat Moriah

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If you're looking for a proactive, persistent real estate agent who doesn't give up -- even if you're particularly picky -- then there' only one: Jackie Bitensky! Thanks to her efforts, we were able to get a wonderful apartment, in a great area.

Nettie & Larry F, Arnona

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